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Fishing-Simulator for Relaxation Editor's Review

'Fishing Simulator', as the name suggests, is meant to be a relaxing game. It brings beautiful landscapes, relaxing music and as the producer suggests, 'pipe of untiring birds will give you lot’s of impressions and will cheer you up even during a short term'.

It features both online and offline modes but the online mode is not available in the trial version. While testing the program I've used the offline mode and I was disappointed. The quality is very poor and the features are very scarce. You can choose a location where you want to fish but this is, in fact, half a circle with a background. You are placed in the middle of that circle and you can cast only a few meters away.

For each fish caught you receive a number of points if you keep it. With these points you can upgrade the rod, the line, and the bait. You have to be careful with the line because the fish could break it. In this case you have to fix it and to update it again from zero. When the fish bites the bait you have to be careful because you have a tension bar. If the tension is to weak or to strong the fish could escape. When the fish escapes it could break the line or only the hook.

The user interface looks basically good but it needs a much bigger resolution, for example. There are many improvements to be implemented and considering that this is not a free program I expect to see some of them in the next release.


Drawbacks / flaws: Too few features.

In conclusion: I look forward for the next release hopping that they will make some improvements.

version reviewed: 1.01

Fishing-Simulator for Relaxation Publisher's Description

FishingSimulatorRelax - it's the simulator of fishing, which will permit you to relax from daily vanity. Beautiful landscapes, relaxing music, pipe of untiring birds will give you lot’s of impressions and will cheer you up even during a short term. All the music, presented at the game, is approved of principal psychiatrists and is recommended for...

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What's New in Version 3.08 of Fishing-Simulator for Relaxation

Full Windows Vista support. New futures for registered users

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